1. The Permit Holder may not act or support or act on behalf of the Authority or represent it in any way. The Permit Holder is not the mandatory, agent or employee of the Authority arising out of the issue of the permit. The Authority shall not be liable, vicariously or otherwise, for the acts or omissions of the Permit Holder.
  1. The Permit Holder acknowledges and agrees that the Authority may disclose any or all of the information provided by the Permit Holder to law enforcement, government and regulatory agencies and the Permit holder releases and indemnifies the Authority from and against all losses , claims, damages, costs, liabilities, actions, and causes of arson arising out or in any way connected with the disclosure or release of any information provided by the Permit holder to such bodies.
  1. The Permit Holder shall comply with all relevant Authority management systems, policies and procedures and directives, including directives in the interest of safety, security, protection of the environment or the efficient working of the Port.
  1. If any of the information supplied to the Authority in order to obtain this permit, including changes to the owner or Master’s address or contact details, the Permit Holder shall notify the Authority writing forthwith of such change.
  1. The permit disc issued by the Authority, which gears the permit number and period of validity must be encased in a suitable holder affixed to the vessel in a conspicuous position.
  1. The vessel may not be used in the Port unless it is sufficiently manned and the person in charge of the vessel is able to navigate and manage it with competence and skill.
  1. The number of persons the vessel may carry must be displayed on or available in the vessel at all times and no vessel may carry a greater number of persons than it is licensed to carry.
  1. All passengers, crew and employees shall wear the appropriate and necessary personal protective clothing whilst in Port.
  1. All gear and equipment required for the proper functioning of the vessel shall be maintained in good order and condition.
  1. The vessel shall be equipped with such lifesaving and fire fighting extinguishing equipment as required by the regulations promulgated under the Merchant Shipping Act 1951. The equipment shall be kept aboard the pleasure vessel at all times whilst in Port.
  2. The permit may not be transferred without the prior written consent of the Authority and any transfer of a permit without such consent is of no force or effect. If the owner of a small vessel is a legal person such as a company, and it transfers some or all of its interests or shares that there is a change of control of the small vessel, then the owner of the small vessel must inform the Authority of this change in control and reapply for a permit. In the case of a listed public company, a sale of more than 35% of the shareholding constitutes a change of control.

Criteria for Pleasure Craft Vessel Permits

The Harbour Master must be provided with certified copies of:

  • The pleasure craft vessels certificate of fitness.
  • The master’s eye sight certificate Valid for 5 years.
  • The vessels certificate of registration.