The Island race took place on the 20 January 2019 sailed from the port of Port Elizabeth. In all 9 yachts competed the 22 nm course around the Island of St Croix and the Bell buoy. Wind was a light NE at the start but quickly built to a 20 kt SE around lunch time. The sailing conditions were magnificent and all yacht’s completed the course in 3h30 to 4:h20 minutes.

WE are still bumming a two tier scoring system one with traditional boat handicaps and a second one with Personal handicaps. All the results are in the Sailing Results Page.

The placings

Club Handicap were:
1st Andrew Blain Struen 03:38:20
2nd Sean Wiseman Jelly Baby. 03:42:22
3rd. Tony Bailes. Nemesis. 03:44:56

Personal Handicap
1st Jimmy Swinnerton Sea Esta 03:12:05
2nd. Chris Cox Proteus. 03:15:09
3rd. Joe Schable Sky Bird. 03:20:18

Keel boat Sailing in the Port Elizabeth region is on a up and up and we see potential to get the fleet up to 15 yachts in the near future.