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Dear all,

Last week the SA Sailing newsletter reported on a flurry of activity in July to allow members back on the water. SailingPE it turns out was one of the first to get their official Commencement Certificate (obviously some of the Cape Town clubs beat us to it) and we thank the members that have completed their own individual approvals to get back on the water. There are continuous rumours around the re start of sailing for recreation, and just as many about the existing regulations that evolve from week to week. We do keep our eyes and ears out on these and SA Sailing have set up communication to keep us up to date and advise whether any changes affect us.

The flurry has continued locally with a number of new members joining us, 20 in total since 01 July. Some are returning members with many being completely new to sailing. We have also had a number of student members join which he hope will continue in order to grow and develop youth sailing. We welcome:

Peter Pretorius and family Elaine, Jayden and Teagan Russel Morgan
Riaan du Toit
Nicole Freitag

Theodorus Oosthuysen
Jonathan Rousseau
Ashley Fotheringham-Roelofse
Alrec van Velden
Richard and Greg Reid
Mark Holmden and family Sandra, Jenna and Alec
Mark Hunter-Smith and family Adele and Tegan
We also have Jenna Bailes and Ashley Bosworth graduating to membership in their own right.

SA Sailing announced the time and date of their AGM later this month. This year the AGM will be held over a Zoom meeting. All paid up members will have received the details on how to attend and we hope to see you there.

SailingPE are due to hold our AGM, the new members mean we are over the 50 paid up members to have a ‘gathering’, meaning we will also be planning to host this through online resources. We will announce the details of this in due course.

Kind Regards,
The SailingPE Committee

Commodore: Mark Dawson Vice Commodore: Tony Bailes Honorary Secretary: Rodney Idris Safety: John Tudehope/Morven Maclean