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Lock Down

17 June 2020

Dear Sailors,

It has been a confusing few weeks, or at least the way I’ve been reading things.

The SAMSA Marine Notice 31 of 2020 stated we are allowed to sail, but with the caveat that it must be approved by the Department of Sport and Recreation.

Here I attempt to clarify matters and have confirmed the following points with SA Sailing, including from various WhatsApp groups and messages of frustration.

Under the DMA (Disaster management Act) sports facilities are closed to public except for professional athletes. The Department of sports regulations released Friday morning requires SA Sailing (SA Sailing is the governing body and responsible to SAMSA for all yachts) to put in an application to commence. This application is underway and will facilitate all recreational sailing activities. At this stage it will not allow for organising of sailing events, races or regattas.

Approvals from SAPS, landlords (in our case the Port of Port Elizabeth) and other necessary authorities, and with SAMSA having already posted the Marine Notice the opening of waterways are on the condition of the DMA And Depart of Sports and recreation, this is hopefully the last big puzzle piece needed for us to get going. We are in unprecedented times and this is an ever changing environment. SA Sailing are working hard and keeping a close eye on regulations or updates as these are changing daily and may or may not impact us.

How this affects you:

  1. Itisillegaltogorecreationalsailing.
  2. TheportmayallowyoutoleaveandenterthePort–atyourownrisk!
  3. Youwillneedtoconfirmwithyourowninsurers–
  4. Therearenoloopholes–asailingboatisnotafishingboatifithasarod.
  5. WehavepublishedadraftCovidComplianceProtocolonthewebsite–thisissubject to change when the Gazette is published.
  6. ExistingGovernmentmessagesareclear–cutoutcontactorcrosscontamination points.

We urge all members to hold on for the correct Gazette.

Commodore: Mark Dawson Vice Commodore: Tony Bailes Honorary Secretary: Rodney Idris Safety: John Tudehope/Morven Maclean



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