October 20, 2020

Dear Yachty,

RADIO PROTOCOL as to calling the Port Control.

  1. Port Elizabeth Port Control are on VHF Channel 12
  2. The Port of Port Elizabeth is working Port. Therefore, all recreational vessels e.g. sailing boats etc, carry no priorities. 
  3. The above point 2 extends outside of the Port to include the VTS.
  4. Yachts calling the Port Control requesting permission to exit the Port, must be in their mooring.
  5. When calling the Port Control, the skipper must give the yacht name followed by the PEYS number.
  6. Radio watch is always to be maintained.
  7. Yacht owners are strongly advised to have an external VHF speaker installed in the boat cockpit and/or have a hand held VHF within Audible range or crew person on hand at the fixed radio until clear of the port?
  8. When returning to Port, yachts must lay abeam of the Port Control Tower outside of the eastern breakwater wall, and outside of the VTS, before calling the Port Control.
  9. All yachts, prior to leaving moorings are to LOG OUT on Sailing PE web, and to sign back in. This Log is monitored 24/7 therefore it is important that the information furnished is accurate.

All the best,

For and on behalf of the Safety Officers



Rodney Idris