SailingPE has permission to sail!

Following the successful application of SA Sailing to commence, all clubs were then invited to apply based on the regulations imposed on SA Sailing by the Disaster Management Act (DMA) and the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (SAC), it is by meeting these minimum requirements that the application was approved.

I feel it prudent here to mention that the Marine Notice 31 of 2020 was SAMSA allowing water ways to open, however, this was not permission to sail. Under the DMA all sports facilities are to remain closed and that each governing body was to submit an application to the Department of SAC to be allowed to commence. The DMA lays out the minimum requirements of an application including participant membership of the governing body (in our case, all sailors must be a member of SAS), traceability and the implementation of strict protocols to be placed on all clubs, committees and members. This is the same for all sporting activity from Golf and Squash, to Snow Sport and Pigeon Organisation (as per the Government Gazette of 11 June 2020). For sailing, there is currently a 5 person limit for all keelboats. We will keep you updates as these regulations change.

SA Sailing submitted their application well in advance, which meant they were able to get feedback on their application and quickly received a positive response. SailingPE quickly followed with their application to SA Sailing and we received their official certification on today (10 July 2020).

The SailingPE website will soon have protocols detailed and the trip log has been updated to include the COVID Compliance acknowledgment button. As an affiliated body, SailingPE is obliged to report any non-compliance of these protocols. It is a requirement that all vessels keep traceability records for 6 months. Please keep a file of all your crews screening declaration (Annexure C). Here, we request that all sailors comply in order that sailing remains open for all. Non-compliance may result in certification being revoked for the club, or the withdrawal of approved certification of SA Sailing by the Department of SAC.

As per the SA Sailing Newsletter of 07 July 2020 all members are to please ensure your SA Sailing profile is up to date, you can do this on the link below:
My SA Sailing Login
Each Sailor must also complete the SA Sailing Status Confirmation:

SA Sailing Individual Status Confirmation

Please also check that your SailingPE members fees are up to date, any members with outstanding season 2020/21 fees will mean your SAS membership may not be current.

To all members, happy sailing! Kind Regards,

The SailingPE Committee