Sailing PE has the responsibility of ensuring compliance regarding the safety of sailing yachts in the Port of Port Elizabeth. The Port Authorities are aware and concerned of non-compliance by many of our vessels. We need to get our house in order and comply with the SAMSA and TNPA Port Regulations.


We are not imposing any new rules or regulations upon our members but merely getting our members to comply with the required regulations before they are imposed upon us by an outside authority with possible dire consequences.

Directive Relationship / Responsibility


Overall Responsibility for Safety at Sea

South African Sailing

Appointed by SAMSA to administer all Sailing Safety related requirements

Sailing PE Members

SAS affiliated organisation appointed by SAS to look after the interests of yachting from the Port of Port Elizabeth and Algoa Bay region

Responsibility’s Include:

  Appointment of Safety Officers

  Allocation of PEYS Numbers

  Sailing Vessel COF’s

  Port Disc for Sailing PE Members

  Pilots Exemptions

  Maintaining Safe Boating / seamanship

  Maintain Sailing Log : Sign Out/In

Non Members

TNPA Requirements to be undertaken by individual:

  • Port Disc
  • Valid COF
  • Pilot Exemption Certificate
  • Vessel Listing

Responsibility of Sailing PE

Sailing PE is now the official Sailing Club in the Port of Port Elizabeth and is fully endorsed by South African Sailing with full affiliation. 

Sailing PE has the responsibility to look after ALL aspects of sailing and yachting in PE (regardless of membership status of yacht owners), and to ensure ongoing compliance with all statutory regulations.

Certificate Of Safety

All vessels will need to comply with the SAMSA regulations as well as that of TNPA in regard to having a COF.

Category A through to R.

No variance will be allowed.

PEYS Numbers

Sailing PE will administer and allocate the PEYS numbers. They are a port requirement and allow the skipper of vessels to enter and exit the port as a local yacht, without the requirement of a Pilot on board. 

Skippers will be required to complete a briefing session on port requirements and procedures before being allocated an active PEYS number.

Should you not attend a briefing you will be required to obtain your own Pilot Exemption.

Skippers Exemptions

Skippers who are in the process of obtaining their skippers certificate will be required to obtain a Skippers Exemption from Sailing PE before proceeding to sea. There will be restrictions imposed on the skippers until they obtain at least a SAS Day Skippers Certificate.

Signing Out and In

All local yachts leaving the moorings are required to sign In and Out for safety reasons. Sailing PE has set up a web-based system that logs the data. This replaces the old “Book” system and needs to be complied with.


The vessel must having the following:  

Valid TNPA Port License Disk displayed (2020)

Proof of Listing Certificate with SA Sailing

Current COF + Hull Inspection Certificate

Comprehensive 3rd Party Insurance (Advisable)


21 October 2019

Morvan Maclean / John Tudehope

Safety Officer

SAMSA / Sailing PE