Annexure B: Mandatory Safety Requirements

Sailing under current DMA Regulations and National Guidelines

  1. Sailors must be registered paid up members of SA Sailing
  2. Risk Assessment Form completed and returned to SA Sailing.
  3. Appoint a COVID-19 Compliance Officer
  4. Access to Affiliated Institution facilities must remain in line with the DMA of 2004 and its amendments, supporting sectorial directions. Areas of operation not allowed for within the DMA at the time must remain closed to the public with limited and controlled use of only essential areas – no access to change rooms etc.
  5. Print and display the SA Sailing Covid-19 commencement certification which must be visible at the venue.
  6. Ensure Cleaning of and Sanitising of facilities, with special care to high contact points and equipment bothinside and around premises; grounds, including launch and mooring areas
  7. Place hand sanitiser at key points throughout the public access areas.
  8. One-way routes should be used to plan the training environment allowing a clear entry and exit routeto\from the training facility.
  9. Pre-Screen/Screen staff, volunteers and athletes when they return to facilities on each visit. Symptoms. (Temperature checks if possible).
  10. Educate staff , volunteers and athletes on all health protocols as well as symptom\warning signs.
  11. Isolate staff, volunteers or members over the age of 60 as well as those with co-morbidities identified bythe Department of Health.
  12. Ensure all staff members and sailors wear a mask/buff as per National guidelines, to and from the water.
  13. Maintain a register of every person entering the facility with date and contact details.
  14. Ensure social distancing of at least 2m apart at all times.
  15. Implement any other specific rules that may be communicated from SA Sailing.
  16. Comply with the limitations of the SA Sailing COVID-19 levels in accordance to the level applicable to their province and municipality.


SA Sailing Covid-19 Guidance for Affiliated Institutions