Notice to Owners of SA Sailing Listed Vessels Moored in Marinas or Yacht Clubs

Hull Inspections

For many years, SA Sailing managed to persuade SAMSA that we could rely on yacht owners to conduct thorough hull inspection of their when their vessels come out of the water for antifouling. Unfortunately, despite our protestations, SAMSA have changed their interpretation of the 2007 National Small Vessel Safety Regulations. Marine Notice 9 of 2016 requires SA Sailing to conduct hull inspections on non-trailer borne vessels where the hull inspection is not part of the annual safety inspection.

SA Sailing decided that the only robust cost-effective way for us to track hull inspections – without getting into conflict about issues such as lost documentation – is record them via our computer system and issue hull inspection certificates via email. Our computer system for hull inspections went live last year, and we have issued some 100 hull inspection certificates thus far.

From DECEMBER 2020, SA Sailing will not issue a CoF for a non-trailer borne vessel unless the vessel has a valid hull inspection certificate. When next your yacht comes out of the water, please take the opportunity to request a hull inspection. You do not want to have to pay for your boat to be lifted out of the water just to do a hull inspection.

The hull inspection check sheet is available on the SA Sailing web site. On the home page, click on VESSEL CERTIFICATION. On the drop-down list, click on HULL INSPECTIONS.

The procedure for hull inspections is described on the back of the hull inspection check sheet. The page on the SA Sailing web site provides an overview of how the system will work.

Gavin van der Meulen
Chairman, SA Sailing National Inland and Offshore Committee

Click here for the: Hull Inspection Check Sheet and the related SAMSA Marine Notice: MN 9 of 2016