Sailing PE has identified a lack of compliance regarding the safety and governing regulations of sailing yachts in the Port of Port Elizabeth. The Port Authorities have also noted the problem. We are striving to get our house in order and comply with the SAMSA/SAS and TNPA Port Regulations before it is too late.
We are aware of the Notice sent out by ABSM on the 7 February 2020 and would like our members to know that it is factually incorrect and ABSM has no legal right to enforce upon the boat owners the requirements as per the Notice.
Hopefully the below will allay all fears and explain the way forward to our members.
Responsibility of Sailing PE
Sailing PE is the officially recognised Club in the Port of Port Elizabeth by South African Sailing (SAS) and as such is affiliated to SA Sailing. As the SAS affiliated club, Sailing PE are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring compliance of the yachting requirements, as imposed by SAS and SAMSA regulations.
These include the following:
– Safety Officers
– Certificate of Fitness registry – PEYS registry
– Sign Out and In registry
– Skippers Exemptions


We are not imposing any new rules or regulations upon our members but merely getting our members to comply with existing required regulations before they are imposed upon us by an outside authority, with possible dire consequences.
Both yacht & power vessels are governed by Regulation 23 of the Merchant Ship (NSVS) 2007, and the relevant Port Regulations pertaining to vessels making use of Port facilities.
Skippers Exemptions
Skippers who are in the process of obtaining their skippers certificate will be required to obtain a Skippers Exemption from Sailing PE before proceeding to sea. There will be restrictions imposed on the skippers until they obtain at least a SAS Day Skippers certificate.
TNPA Port Licence
Commodore: Mark Dawson Vice Commodore: Tony Bailes Honorary Secretary: Rodney Idris Safety: John Tudehope/Morven Maclean
12 Feb 2020

Blue Disc (as required by the Ports Authority)

These are renewed annually, usually in April of each year.
SailingPE members – the Port License fee is invoiced with the annual membership for boat owning members. Port Licence discs are collected on your behalf by SailingPE and distributed.
Requirements in order to be issued with a TNPA Disc:
• Valid COF
• Payment of required fees
Certificate Of Fitness
Certificates of Fitness (CoF) & Hull Survey is undertaken by SA Sailing appointed surveyors.
South African Sailing (SAS) is the umbrella body for all sailing/yachting activities and representations. SAS is the official appointed agent of SAMSA for the carrying out of all CoF & Hull surveys on recreational yachts (both monohull & multihull) and may survey recreational power boats.
All relevant information, pricing (members & non-members), inspection checklists, procedures, etc, are available on the SA Sailing website.
SA Sailing – Safety
Sailing PE have four Safety Officers who have undergone the SAMSA Safety Officers training course. Boat owners can decide on which Safety Officer to use from around the country provided that they are SAS approved, and that the correct procedures are adhered to.

PEYS Numbers

As custodians of the PEYS numbers, Sailing PE through SAS affiliation, has an obligation to ensure compliance with the Port Regulations.
The issuing of a PEYS number implies the following:
• the skipper/owner has Port Pilots Exemption (completed examination for recreational vessels)
• valid CoF & Hull certificate
• the skipper/owner has a valid Skippers Ticket appropriate for the vessel.
All vessels >9m using the Port must also undergo the requirements as mentioned above.
All yachts that make PE their home Port are required to apply for a PEYS Number from Sailing PE.
There is no obligation to be a member of Sailing PE to obtain a PEYS number.
Yachts and/or owners that fail to meet to meet the requirements of either SAMSA or local Port Regulations as stated above will be ineligible for a PEYS number.
The PE Port Captain’s office will be advised on a regular basis as to any changes/non- compliance.
Commodore: Mark Dawson Vice Commodore: Tony Bailes Honorary Secretary: Rodney Idris Safety: John Tudehope/Morven Maclean

Sailing PE will administer and allocate the PEYS numbers. They are a port requirement and allow the skipper of vessels to enter and exit the port as a local yacht, without the requirement of a Pilot on board.

Logging In and Out

All local yachts leaving the moorings are required to sign In and Out for safety reasons. Sailing PE has set up a website based system that logs the data. This needs to be complied with.
All sign out and returns are monitored.
The onus is on the skipper to comply as per the Safety declaration (in checklists) signed by the boat owner when doing their safety renewal.
All logs are recorded and kept for quality audit purposes.
We ask that all Sailing PE vessel’s moored on the Algoa Bay Sailing Marina or within the Port of Port Elizabeth are compliant with the following by the end of February 2020.
Please ensure that you supply the following documents to the Club secretary:
• TNPA Port Licence Disc • Skippers Ticket.
• Valid CoF Certificate
• Vessel Listing
• Hull Inspection Certificate


Non-compliance will result in the vessel being confined to moorings and may carry further actions deemed necessary by the authorities.
Information Session – Tuesday 18 Feb 2020, 18h00 The Grand Hotel
Sailing PE will be hosting an Information Session to provide information and clarity on the above requirements and help with any queries. The information session is not limited to members and we encourage any non member boat owners to be a part of this evening.

Commodore Sailing PE
Commodore: Mark Dawson Vice Commodore: Tony Bailes Honorary Secretary: Rodney Idris Safety: John Tudehope/Morven Maclean